Our parking lot is very muddy, so I have secured permission to use the lot next to ours.  The only stipulation is that their gate access not be blocked.

I am looking at options to improve our own parking lot, but there isn't much that can be done until all the snow-melt runs off.

The last few services have been great.  I feel like we are picking up our momentum again and the Lord is ready to build His church.  It is through our efforts and the moving of His Spirit working together that we impact our city with great joy.

Lord bless and come ready to lift up the wonderful Name of Jesus!

Prayer Meeting Friday March 17

Praise the Lord!

The prayer meeting for tonight is still on @ 7pm!

The fire inspection went well.  Nothing expensive we have to do to satisfy the fire code so a GREAT BIG "THANK YOU JESUS!"

We still have LOTS to pray about.  Several essential improvements still need to be done to meet city code and it is going to take, here it comes, money.  (1) We need a handicap accessible bathroom (2) We have to encapsulate all the old material in the back rooms.  The floor, the walls, the ceiling all very old building material and needs to be covered up to meet code.  (3) The electrical in the building needs work.  Primarily the breaker boxes in the back are a nightmare. (4) The floor needs reinforcement to meet requirements for having as many people in the building as we plan to.

And things we would like to do.  (1) Primarily, as least get carpet for the area we are currently using as a sanctuary. (2) Have the dividing wall removed to open up the other side.

So, we need to petition the Lord for direction in finances.  If any of you, in addition your tithe which goes toward upkeep, wants to give to the building fund, you can do so online through the APP - select "Building Fund", online giving through the website, or mark an envelope "Building Fund" and put it in the offering at service and that money will be used only for the building.

Lord bless and looking forward to prayer!

Love you all,  

Bro. Springer



I am signing for the purchase of the new property today at 3:30pm.  We are going to celebrate at Chuck-E-Cheese in Anchorage tonight, Friday @ 7pm.  So bring the kids for a time of fun and fellowship.

Very soon we will discuss strategy for tackling the rather large and involved job of remodeling the building.  Sheetrock, carpet and paint will very much elevate.

Lord bless and hope to see you tonight!

 Praise the Lord we're almost there!

Praise the Lord we're almost there!