You're a short trip away from a powerful spiritual experience. 


Meeting Times


2pm is sunday school

3pm is worship service


7 pm is worship service


EastGate United Pentecostal Church

3001 mountain view drive

Anchorage, Alaska 



Phone number:




Across from McDonalds, and Bass Pro Shop.


We're excited to meet you, and your family and friends. Please come and get as involved as you like. We believe that Church is like most things:

You get out what you put in. 



Plan to sing and clap

 God has done so, very much, for each of us. This is why we praise and worship. In light of all He's done we are excited to recognize the source of all of our blessings. If you need a reason, just ask someone about their testimony!

experience powerful prayer

The Bible teaches that God is interested in our ever concern. Our Church has seen miracles just like those in the Bible. We always take our needs to God in prayer, and that's how testimonies are made. Please share your needs if you'd like prayer for them. You are also welcome to share them privately. 

Bring a Bible

The beauty of the Bible is that it informs us of God's wishes in every part of our lives. We encourage everyone to bring a Bible to service. We also offer Bible studies if you want to know your Bible better. With your Bible you'll be able to better follow along in Church services.